Kevin Smith Gets A Talk Show?

Kevin Smith’s Hollywood Babble On to be AMC Talk Show?

Kevin Smith Hollywood Babble On podcast to be AMC talk show?
Kevin Smith to get AMC talk show?

Writer / Director / Producer / Actor / Nerd  & most importantly fellow Pop Culture Whore, Kevin Smith may be getting a late night talk show on AMC. AMC just renewed the reality show Comic Book Men (following Smith’s comic book store Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey) for a fourth season. The Hollywood Reporter, er, reports that Smith and Ralph Garman’s super popular podcast Hollywood Babble-On will film a pilot in the spring and turn into a weekly series if it finds success.

Smith says:
“I always describe it as Entertainment Tonight but filthy. We sit there and make fun of our industry betters. We bring an inside perspective. We’re not the biggest winners on the planet, so we can grouse as well. It has a fun dynamic of salty and sweet. It’s a night club show, so we’re working with the good folks to try and crack the code of how to turn that podcast we record live every week and turn it into a TV show.”

What do you think Pop Culture Whores? The Whore thinks this will be fantabulous!

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