Judge Joe Brown Gets Arrested

Judge Joe Brown Gets Arrested

Judge Joe Brown gets arrested in Tennessee.
Judge Joe Brown Gets Arrested

Well this is certainly not the side of the law he’s normally on. Earlier today, Judge Joe Brown was arrested on contempt of court charges. Judge Brown was at Shelby Country Juvenile Court in Memphis, Tennessee and wanted to speak on behalf of a juvenile in a child support case that was going on. After waiting for the court to bring the juvenile’s documents so he could speak, Judge Brown chastised the court and the judge. Further, he threatened the judge with taking the issue to a judicial review. It is then that Judge Brown was physically removed from the courtroom and held in contempt of court for five days. He spent four hours in jail before being released.

It seems like he was doing a good thing and wasn’t happy with the way the court handled procedures. It also seems Judge Brown was confident enough in the courts ineptness to threaten the judicial review.

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