“Journalist” Makes Up Facts in Kyle McMahon Stephen Amell Incident

MoviePilot publishes libelous story on Stephen Amell and Kyle McMahon incident


MoviePilot.com “journalist” Amie Marie Bohannon neglects to do any research whatsoever on her libelous article about the Kyle McMahon / Stephan Amell incident; Spews out lies for clickbait.

For someone who calls herself a journalist and wants to debate the qualifications of other “journalists”, Amie Marie Bohannon should really do some self reflection. She writes a lengthy article about Kyle McMahon and the Stephen Amell incident filled with completely incorrect and totally inaccurate statements.  The MoviePilot.com article, Stephen Amell Lashes Back At Fan Accusing Him Of Interview Snub!, is extremely libelous and laughably inaccurate. 

“Arrow and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 actor Stephen Amell is one of the least shy actors on social media, always interacting with his fans and doing live interviews on Facebook. As cool as it is, this can also be a con for fans who think they are clever and try calling him out on social media.”

First of all, Kyle wasn’t attending the red carpet junket as a fan. He was specifically invited to the event to interview Amell for us. Clearly, in the extensive research that she didn’t do for her “article”, she missed Kyle’s long list of accomplishments. Kyle’s firmly engrained in nerd culture, and has a sizable audience of his own, which is why we asked him if we could send him to be our special correspondent for Wizard World Comic Con. To repeat, Kyle was invited to interview Amell by the event organizers and he covered it for PopCultureWhore.com Secondly, Kyle simply tweeted the article that we published and he tagged Amell in the tweet. You know, like we asked him to do.

She continues with her inaccuracies:

“In no time, Stephen tweeted a not-so-kind response, calling the fans out for their inappropriate blog/show title (PopCultureWhore) as the culprit for him not doing the interview, and offering them a second chance.”

Did she even read the tweet that she embedded into her libellous article? Amell stated very clearly: “shit video title”. Nowhere did he ever say or even imply the reason was due to our website name.  Our website title has never even been called into the controversy until her “article” did so. Not to mention there’s literally zero that’s inappropriate about the site name “Pop Culture Whore” – at least, according to our tens of thousand of readers, but thanks for playing.

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She then suggests again, that the reason he chose not to do the interview was due to the site name. Shoddy “journalism” at its best. She continues by trying to insult the site by calling it “shady” (Shady, adjective: of doubtful honesty or legality) and goes on to ask what celebrity would want to be interviewed by PCW? Of course, the answer is in the tons of interviews we’ve done both for our site and in conjunction with others major websites. It is due to our love of the media that publicists, handlers and PR departments reach out to us. They know we’re reliable and honest and can always count on our coverage.

Amie goes on to blabbering about how she’s been to so many red carpet interviews where she didn’t get to interview the celebrity. That’s a shame for her, but that’s not something our writers can relate to as that doesn’t happen with us. If weve been invited to interview someone and we accept it, the interview happens. If that doesn’t happen for her, she should talk to her media outlet about why she gets skipped over. The fact that she finds it acceptable that someone would snub her for coverage is why this goes on with some celebs and some outlets in the first place.

Finally, she goes on to end  her “article” with a little nugget of her very own “wisdom”, ending it with one of the longest run on sentence crimes to grammar ever found on the web:

Personally, I think these “fans” may want to consider changing their outlet name before going after one of the most fan attentive/fan friendly actors in the business. So what, they didn’t get an interview, I myself have missed out on so many just like them, and if they were professional, they wouldn’t have made all this effort to call Amell out online and attack his integrity.

While this “journalist” is certainly entitled to her opinion, it’s as useless to us as a canoe with a hole in the bottom. As we celebrate our 9th year on the web and reach 80,000 visitors monthly and growing, we’ll continue to keep our site name just the way it is, thank you. Reporting facts isn’t attacking integrity. Attacking integrity would be what she has done in her slanderous “article”, where she failed to do even the most basic investigation into the facts. Had she done her due diligence, she would have read the original story, known Kyle was invited to interview Stephen by his people, known that PopCultureWhore.com isn’t Kyle’s site and at the very least that we are not a “fan” site. She’d also know that Amell did, in fact, tweet 20 minutes after this all took place that he was on his way to the bar to watch a game.

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In all of your research she did for her “article”, she also would have seen that this spanned Facebook (where they are both verified public figures) and Twitter, where it was later announced that it had been worked out. In fact, we updated the original story later that day when the two worked it out.

In closing, what you have slanderously accused Kyle and our site of, however incorrect you are, is the very thing you have done in your “article”. Amie, freshman J-school is calling you, dear. You need it.

The Pop Culture Whore editors

PS- Looking forward to your apology for the libel you spewed in your updated retraction article!

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