Jessie J “Do It Like A Dude” Video Is EPIC!

It’s not often that I feel THIS strongly about a new artist. That feeling you get that you just know this persons going to be huge. I had that feeling with Lady Gaga back long before her debut record. I had that feeling with Adam Lambert. Now, I’m having it with Jessie J. I’ve been a fan of her’s on YouTube for a long time and have watched her grow and develop over the last couple of years. Here is her debut single “Do It Like A Dude“. WOW! Besides being absolutely gorgeous this is a killer first single! Mark my words, fellow Pop Whores, she is ONE TO WATCH! Her album will be hitting shelves in the UK in March 2011. This BETTER get a release in the US.

Check out Jessie J’s “Do It Like A Dude

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