Jason Bateman Think He’s Better Than You

Actor Jason Bateman of Arrested Development decided that he didn’t want to wait in line for his Apple iPhone 4 like the rest of us. He decided he was better than the people who camped out DAYS before for their shiny new iThing. In fact, he decided he was better than everyone in the MASSIVE line at the Los Angeles Apple Store. After waiting in line for a little while, Bateman was escorted by an Apple employee from the back of the line right into the Apple Store to purchase his iPhone. Thirty minutes or so later he came out with his iPhone 4 and faced a crowd of angry boo-ers and hissers – and rightfully so. Of course, they could have also been booing at his starring role in Teen Wolf Too.

Hey asshole! You’re no better than anyone else! Get in the back of the line!

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