Iyanla Van Zant Takes Fix My Life to Ferguson

Iyanla Van Zant Takes Fix My Life to Ferguson 

Iyanla Van Zant does a special report from Ferguson, Missouri
Iyanla Van Zant takes Iyanla Fix My Life to Ferguson, Missourri

Spiritual life teacher, Oprah’s Lifeclass life coach and star of Iyanla, Fix My Life, Iyanla Van Zant traveled to Ferguson, Missouri within the last week to create some healing. She told an interviewer, “I have an opportunity. I’m going to take that opportunity. I want to know what the people on the ground are saying. I wanted to hear the untold story. I wanted to be there as it unfolded“. And boy, did she ever.

Iyanla took directly to the streets of Ferguson to promote peace and healing within the community. She got together a group of young men age 19 to 34 and  tasked them with continuing to promote peace while the justice system plays out. “I put together a group of young people, aged nineteen to thirty-four, young men, former gang members, and gave them something to do. Keep the peace until this legal process unfolds. I believe Ferguson is small enough to galvanize the people to do something different, so that it becomes a model we can spread across the country, which includes the voice of the young people.”

In addition, Michael Brown’s family asked Van Zant to meet with the Ferguson Police Chief along with Micheal Brown’s uncle. Iyanla is a well respected woman, especially within the black community. Her presence there is able to facilitate much healing. While she takes no sh*t, she knows how to fix problems. This is sure to be a very special episode.

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Van Zant will be returning to Ferguson, without the cameras, to check up on the group of young men she has connected with. The hit show, which regularly gets millions of viewers, Iyanla: Fix My Life is now in it’s 4th season on OWN.

Iyanla, Fix My Life- Special Report: Healing in Ferguson airs tonight at 9pm Eastern on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network

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