iPhone 4 Pre-Order Day Horrors

                                      Photo courtesy of Gizmodo.com

Today is Apple iPhone 4 Pre-Order day & boy is it craziness! There were lines in all the major cities, JUST TO PRE-ORDER! The white iPhone 4 is unavailable for pre-order so we’re not sure if it will be available at launch or will be delayed all together. Nobody knows. The pre-order process has now gotten so bad, MacRumours.com is reporting that the AT&T servers have crashed under the huge throng of traffic, and some of the AT&T stores have even closed. People calling the Apple 800 number were on hold for 3 hours before being told there was nothing they could do until the AT&T system comes back up. The AT&T site itself has gone down a number of times today. Meanwhile, The Whore went into Best Buy & pre-ordered the 32GB White iPhone 4 without a hitch! To read about all the crazy stuff thats happening, head on over to Gizmodo’s iPhone 4 Pre-Order Horror Page.

Did YOU have any problems ordering your iPhone today?

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