Inception Kills At The Box Office

This deserves another Wowzers! Christopher Nolan’s Inception debuted to a huge $60 million it’s first weekend in theaters. The Leonardo DiCaprio sci-fi thriller pummeled all expectations for its first weekend and will make a huge profit for Warner Brothers. This marks director Nolan’s second biggest opening weekend, behind only The Dark Knight. Universal’s Despicable Me keeps on chugging in it’s second week, for a second place finish. The Steve Carrell starring vehicle made another $32 million this weekend, bringing its US total to over $118 million in its first two weeks in theaters. This should easily top the $200 million mark by the end of its theatrical run. Disneys The Sorcerers Apprentice crashed and burned in third place with only $17 million in box office receipts. This is Jerry Bruckheimer’s second consecutive disappointment, following May’s Prince Of Persia.

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Top 10 US Box Office Friday July 15 – Sunday July 17 2010

21Despicable MeUni.$32,734,000-42.0%3,501+25$9,350$118,365,000$692
3NThe Sorcerer’s ApprenticeBV$17,373,0003,504$4,958$24,461,000$1501
42The Twilight Saga: EclipseSum.$13,500,000-57.4%4,001-467$3,374$264,900,000$683
54Toy Story 3BV$11,742,000-44.1%3,177-576$3,696$362,709,000$2005
66Grown UpsSony$10,000,000-36.7%3,074-389$3,253$129,254,000$804
75The Last AirbenderPar.$7,450,000-55.2%2,805-398$2,656$114,833,000$1503
97Knight & DayFox$3,700,000-52.1%1,925-703$1,922$69,209,000$1174
108The Karate KidSony$2,200,000-59.0%1,532-926$1,436$169,202,000$406


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