Ian McKellen Talks The Hobbitt

With all of the drama surrounding The Hobbitt films, fear is spreading around fans that the films will not get made. After releasing 3 of the most succesful films of all time with The Lord Of The Rings trilogy you would think they would be on this like white on rice! But no, legal rights are tying everything up. The legendary Sir Ian McKellen took to his twitter to let fans know that the party will still be held.

  1. The films will get made. I suspect we’ll start shooting at end of this year.9:10 AM Jun 11th via web

    • “Hobbit” sets are ready, script ready and movie is casting this month. Fans are not to worry.

    At least this gives of some direction that the films are still on track! The Whore LOVES The Lord Of The Rings trilogy! Are YOU excited?

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