Hostel 3 To Be Released In 2011

Attention all you Horror Whores! Hostel 3 has been announced and will begin shooting in August. It has been revealed that the third film in the franchise will involve three male friends in Las Vegas and a bachelor party that goes “horribly wrong”. So sort of like a horror version of The Hangover?

Super cool writer / director Eli Roth, who was responsible for the first two movies, is not involved, however he posted a tweet saying “Rumor Control: not producing Hostel 3, but it’s in the VERY capable hands of director Scott Spiegel & producers Mike Fleiss & Chris Briggs. There was a huge demand to continue the series and they are the right team to do it. They’re very smart, creative, and really get it.”

The film will be released straight to DVD, however don’t fret: there have been MANY excellent films that have been going straight to DVD in the past few years, as studios realized they can continue franchises without the huge costs associated with a big budget theater release.

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