Hi-Dolla Makes Little Cents

Ummmmm……WTF is this? To all of our record label friends: If  you’re looking to sign an overweight female white rapper with low production values that features her kids as backup dancers, then Hi-Dolla is you’re gal!
Watch the LOLs-tastic video below!

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2 thoughts on “Hi-Dolla Makes Little Cents

  1. I liked it. It's catchy and still in my head.
    And u shouldn't be talkin bout anybody's weight or color. That's just mean! U should try lookin her up and ck out more music and her story. go to hidollamuzik.com before u try to judge.

  2. Um, her being a white female, is relevant when she's trying to break into hip-hop music. If you want to be in the spotlight, you've got to be prepared to take the heat. Because NOBODY is going to hold back when you're in the spotlight.

    I did read her story and it's great she's trying to make something of herself. I wish her best. In the meantime, I can do my thing just as she does hers!

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