Hello iPhone 4!

Fellow Apple Whores, today was our day. Our Lord & Saviour Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage for the keynote at WWDC 2010 and announced the new iPhone. iPhone 4, as it is called, has a WHOLE slew of new features and an all new look. An LED Flash, a front facing camera for Wi-Fi video calls, a 5MP camera, multi-tasking, unified inboxes, much better battery life, a super sexy Retina Display, an Axis Gyroscope & SOOOO much more that Our Father Jobs didn’t have time to even cover. Release date is June 25th to US Retail (Apple Stores, AT&T stores & Apple online). Pre-order date is June 15th. The price for a 32GB with new contract is only $299!

Can YOU even stand it?

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