Guns N’ Roses Reunion – Summers Most Unlikely Story

Guns N' Roses reunion tour actually went as planned

Summers most unlikely story? Guns N’ Roses reunion shows actually went as planned.

The biggest news in pop culture is actually not that Captain America: Civil War surpassed the $1 billion mark in theaters or whatever is happening with Blac Chyna at the moment.

No, the most amazing story is that Guns N’ Roses pulled off three reunion shows and Billboard reports that in less than a month the band will begin a nationwide tour that includes Alice In Chains and Lenny Kravitz as supporting acts. Call us skeptical, but Guns ‘N Roses has not exactly been a reliable band when it comes to hitting tour dates through the years and even this reunion was expected to be thick with drama.

So far, though, things are pretty quiet, which is amazing. You have to consider the band’s history here, something the younger generation might not realize. While shows for today’s musicians seem to go off without a hitch, Guns N’ Roses in particular were notorious for canceling shows, often at the last minute.

The biggest example came in 1992 when GNR highlighted a show in Montreal with Metallica. Halfway through Metallica’s set, frontman James Hetfield lost his spot on the stage and accidentally stepped into a pyrotechnics explosion. He suffered severe burns to his entire body and was rushed to the hospital, taking several months to recover.

Guns N' Roses reunion hit coachella
Guns ‘N Roses was set to take the stage next. They played, briefly, before Axl Rose left the stage complaining of a sore throat. In the fabulous Metallica “Behind the Music,” Metallica’s Jason Newsted said Rose could have stepped up, played a monster set and made everyone happy. Instead, he walked off stage and the entire crowd rioted. They were different times.

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This would not be an isolated incident. A similar reunion tour was set in the mid-2000s, but again a number of dates were cancelled and fans angered. A Philadelphia radio station even took to playing Guns ‘N Roses songs all weekend, but without any lyrics. Just the awesome guitar parts as a fight back against Axl and his attitude.

There are other examples too numerous to mention. Part of this, to be honest, is part of the band’s long-standing appeal. Even though it’s been more than 20 years since the band was last together (at least in a lineup fans remember), Guns ‘N Roses still remains incredibly popular.

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