Google Announces Music Beta By Google

Today, Google announced a long awaited new product, which seems to be severely diminished from it’s original intent. Originally, there were rumblings all around the net that Google had been working on a music service to take on industry leader iTunes, as well as other services like Amazon. What was announced, Music Beta by Google, is a cloud locker for your existing digital music collection. The service, which is invitation only right now, is currently free to use, and allows you to upload up to 20,000 songs to your cloud locker. Google Director Of Content Partnerships Zahavan Levine told Billboard“We’ve been in negotiations with the industry for a different set of features, with mixed results. [But] a couple of major labels were less focused on innovation and more on demanding unreasonable and unsustainable business terms.”

Now, the service will simply allow you to stream your previously purchased tracks from your cloud locker to any web enabled device. Very much a disappointment. More importantly, The Whore is looking forward to Apple’s rumored iTunes Cloud. Make it happen, Jobs!

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