Fox’s Batman prequel ‘Gotham’ Trailer

Fox’s Batman prequel ‘Gotham’ Trailer

Watch the trailer for Fox's Batman prequel TV series "Gotham"
Watch the trailer for Fox’s Batman prequel “Gotham”

The trailer for Fox’s Batman prequel TV series Gotham has finally arrived and it has us FOAMING at the friggin mouth! Like FOAMING! We’ve been reporting over & over (& over again) on the upcoming show and for good reason – it looks AMAZING. 

Starring Ben McKenzie as a young James Gordon, Gotham will focus on the case he’s investigating where a prominent businessman and his wife were murdered in front of their son. That son is Bruce Wayne. The trailer introduces us to the cast of characters that go on to become the icons that we know and love (& love to hate)

Watch the extended trailer for Gotham!

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