Fox TV Releases The Exorcist Trailer

Watch The Exorcist trailer coming to Fox TV
Pee yourself a little from watching The Exorcist trailer

The Exorcist trailer looks unbelievably scary.

This fresh, reboot of the classic novel and even more classic movie, doesn’t just put a new coat of paint on the original. Fox’s The Exorcist follows Father Thomas (Alfonso Herrera) who runs a small parish in the Chicago suburbs. Meanwhile, Father Marcus Brennan (Ben Daniels) is a Templar Knight, acting as a warrior for the Vatican.  The two men meet when the Rance family begins experiencing extremely disturbing – and unexplained – phenomenon in their house that involve every single family member. Geena Davis plays matriarch Angela Rance.

Watch The Exorcist trailer below before it debuts Friday nights this Fall on Fox.

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