Fox News Tries To Pass 2 Year Old Interview Off For New Sarah Palin Show

Fox News is at it again, spinning real news into their biased view of reality. This time, it involves none other than failed Vice Presidential Nominee and ex-Governor Sarah Palin. The gun loving, out of touch Mrs. Palin will begin hosting an hour long show called “Real American Stories“, beginning Thursday at 10pm. Fox News tells us the show will “help us appreciate who we are, where we come from, and how truly fortunate we are to be part of the American experience.” It goes on to name LL Cool J as one of the interviews scheduled. The only problem? Sarah Palin has never interviewed LL Cool J.

LL Cool J stated on his twitter tonight that he was never interviewed by Sarah Palin.

Fox News will be using an interview Mr. J did in 2008 and re purposing it to seem as if Sarah Palin has interviewed him.

This is nothing new for Fox News, as they often take sound bites out of context, misrepresent people, completely misquote them or just create things that haven’t actually happened.

This, however, is a new level of sad! I guess Faux News motto is: “Since reality isn’t the way we want it, we’ll report it as if it was!”

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