Flips Headphones Review by K.Mac Music (Kyle Mac)

Our very own K.Mac is back for a review of a very cool new product, Flips Headphones by Flips Audio. Check out the review from our favorite budding, young recording artist.

K.Mac / Kyle Mac / Kyle McMahon with Flips Audio Headphones
K.Mac (Kyle Mac) wearing White/Racing Red Flips

Flips Headphones Review by K.Mac

As a recording artist, quality headphones are very important to me. Whether I’m listening to music on my iPod, or watching a movie on my iPad on a plane, I’m always on the go and always listening to something. Sound is the reason I am an artist. So when I heard about Flips Audio’s new headphones, Flips, I was intrigued. The claim is that they’re the world’s first “social” headphones. When I heard that, I had to chuckle, as every product is now “social”. I can tell you right now, I shouldn’t have laughed. The social experience on these headphones not only immediately makes them the most unique headphones on the market, but rivals portable sound systems. When you want the people around you to hear your new favorite song (which I’m sure is the free mp3 you got of A Letter 2 My Younger Self (Fatherless Sons), you simply flip the earphones away from your ears 180 degrees & the headphones instantly turn into powerful speakers.

When ICE Coday and I are in a writing session, we’re typically listening to a track separately, both of us on our own headphones. When one of us comes up with something, we’ll go to iTunes or turn on the speaker mode on our phone. Flips eliminates all that. In our first session with Flips, I turned the headphones out 180 degrees and ICE could hear the track just as loud and clear as he could before. In fact, he’s now a bit jealous and wants his own pair.

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The noise cancellation on these headphones is incredible. When the phones are on, I literally can hear nothing outside of the audio I’m playing. This is perfect for writing or even just relaxing. I can’t wait until tomorrow to use them on an airplane.

The audio quality is amazing. I must say, at first, I was a bit skeptical of how clear and crisp the audio could be on a pair of headphones that doubles as speakers. Flips Audio must have some kind of deal with the devil because the audio is excellent, both as headphones and speakers. The bass booms, the mids hit that sweet spot and the highs are angelic.

Flips Audio headphones White / Racing Red / Chrome Accents by K.Mac Music

Comfort is another important factor for me in finding good headphones. After all, if you’re into music as much as I am, you’re going to have your headphones on for long periods of time. You don’t have to worry about that with Flips. They’re nice and cushy and really envelop your ears.

A nice touch Flips Audio has added is the carrying case. The headphones fit perfectly, along with a USB charging cable (you will eventually lose battery power when using them as speakers) in the pod-like case they’ve included. It looks sort of futuristic.

Flips Audio headphones White / Racing Red / Chrome Accents by K.Mac Music

I have the White Satin finish with racing red & chrome accents and I LOVE them. ICE wants the Black finish with Lime green & black chrome accents. I haven’t seen the Black finish in person yet.

These are literally, my favorite new headphones. They rival the Beats by Dre line in every category and  “flip” it on it’s head by adding the Solo 2 Social feature. You will have no regrets by picking up a pair of these. In fact, I urge you to.

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  1. How much did they pay you to say this? These headphones are garbage. The sound quality is crap, and the idea is a little wack if i wanted to listen to music i would put on my sennheisers or even a lower end headphone like skullcandy hesh 2, or monster insparations. I have found lately that alot people are posting good reviews about products that suck and getting no flack for it. Just because your a MC doesnt mean you know anything about headphones, pretty obvious after reading your review. I would stick to layin low-end beats and leave product reviews to the big boys.

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