Ellen Re-Thinks Her Idol Skills For Season 10

Super star, talk show host, comedian, sitcom queen, American Idol judge. Ellen DeGeneres has thought long and hard about her first year as a judge on American Idol. She sat down with USA Today to discuss how she feels she did and what she’ll do differently next year. “Your first year anywhere is going to be tough, because you’re trying to figure out what your role is. I think next year my role will be to be exactly who I am, sometimes funny and sometimes serious, and I think I’ll probably learn to be a little harder on people without being rude. But I think it was a fine line for me to walk this year”

This will also be Ellens first year at the auditions. “I’m hoping to find more unique people who never would have maybe been given a chance to be on the show. I like the fact that Crystal was on the show this year and wouldn’t have necessarily been on before. I want to find more dynamic people and more interesting people.”

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