Eclipse Lights Up The Box Office

Yowza! The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has brought home the bacon! If final estimates are correct, the third film in the super successful franchise will have made $69 million from Friday to Sunday. That gives it a total US cume of $181 million in just six days. M. Night Shayamalan’s The Last Airbender 3D opened up huge as well bringing in $41 million for a second place opening. The live action adaption of the Nickelodeon show is supposedly part one in a franchise. Toy Story 3 continues to make bank as it collected an additional $31 million. With a strong Monday expected, it should bring its US total to $301 million. This would make it the animated film with the fastest run to the $300 million mark in history!

See the full US Top 10 for the Holiday weekend after the jump!
US Box Office Friday July 2 – Sunday July 4 2010

1NThe Twilight Saga: EclipseSum.$69,000,0004,468$15,443$161,000,000$681
2NThe Last AirbenderPar.$40,650,0003,169$12,827$57,000,000$1501
31Toy Story 3BV$30,174,000-49.1%4,028$7,491$289,000,000$2003
42Grown UpsSony$18,500,000-54.3%3,534$5,235$77,082,000$802
53Knight & DayFox$10,200,000-49.4%3,104+6$3,286$45,508,000$1172
64The Karate KidSony$8,000,000-48.5%3,109-631$2,573$151,523,000$404
75The A-TeamFox$3,025,000-51.2%2,153-1,089$1,405$69,116,000$1104
86Get Him to the GreekUni.$1,185,000-62.3%884-1,304$1,340$57,427,000$405
97Shrek Forever AfterP/DW$799,000-74.2%957-1,383$835$232,182,000$1657

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