DUMB! Studios To Debut Premium VOD For $30

Well this just continues to prove the point that movie studios have NO IDEA what the public wants. Warner Brothers, Universal, 20th Century Fox & Sony have teamed together to launch a Premium Video On Demand service titled Home Premiere. Movies will be available to watch On Demand two months after the theatrical debut. The price will be around $30 and will be available through DirecTV in April.

I think they’re forgetting that if you wait another month, you can spend $10 less and own the movie on Blu-Ray forever. People aren’t going to the theaters for a few reasons – 1. Price. In my area, a regular adult ticket costs $11.50. So for two people to go to the theater and get a drink and a snack, you’re looking at $50. 2. The ridiculous patrons in the theater. You’ve got the horrible parents that bring their kids to R rated movies at 10pm. You’ve got the ones that text through the movie. You’ve got the talkers. It’s become a horrible experience and none of the chains want to do anything about it. 3. Sucky movies. For every Black Swan and Inception there’s a Son Of The Mask & K:19 The Widowmaker.

Do any of YOU think Premium VOD is a good idea? Will any of you be using it?

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