Drunk Man Fights At Disney California Adventure

A very drunk man seemed to cause some sort of altercation in Disney California Adventure on Saturday. Apparently, the man was drunk and began arguing with the bellhops at the Tower Of Terror ride. After being pepper sprayed by an elderly employee, the man began hitting him. Disney guests came to his aid and subdued the man until police arrived. The man was arrested and given a citation.

To the annoying lady who keeps yelling “Stop!” from 10 feet away – the drunk man can’t hear you & obviously wouldn’t care what you have to say. It is however, an EXTREME annoyance to your fellow patrons. In fact, the only thing you contributed to the situation was to unveil your ear piercing wail to the world. Did you honestly think the man was going to suddenly go “Oh shoot! I’m so sorry everyone! The annoying lady screaming ‘Stop’ repeatedly has made me see the error of my ways. I apologize!”

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