Downton Abbey Finale Hits Ratings High

Downton Abbey Finale Hits Ratings High

Downton Abbey hits ratings high for the season 4 finale
Downton Abbey Season 5 finale hits record ratings high

Downton Abbey hits a ratings high with its Season 4 finale on Sunday. PBS’s UK import hit 8.5 million viewers to the show. Even more amazing is that the Downton Abbey finale was up against the 2014 Olympics closing ceremony as well as The Walking Dead. They are the only two TV programs that beat Downton in the ratings Sunday,  bringing in 15 million for the Olympics and 13.1 million viewers for The Walking Dead.

Rebecca Eaton, the Executive Producer of Masterpiece Theater stated, “We are so pleased with the passionate support U.S. audiences have shown Downton Abbey throughout the season. I know that Season 5 will meet the high expectations of the show’s millions of loyal fans“.

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