DISGUSTING! Rihanna & Chris Brown Duet..TWICE!!

This is ABSOLUTELY disgusting. Not only have Rihanna & Chris Brown been interacting on Twitter recently, but they’ve actually gone and performed on each others new tracks. This is absolutely sickening. Rihanna is showing the world, particularly young females, that when a man beats you to a bloody pulp you not only forgive them, but go on to willingly work with them. This is a HORRENDOUS message to send to people. Rihanna needs help. She needs to be free of this abusive cycle. People don’t physically abuse just once. And Chris Brown’s anger problem hasn’t gotten any better. SUCH a sad, sad day.

And for those who will question why I choose to put these pictures up of Rihanna in Rihanna and Chris Brown articles, it is because Rihanna wants us to forget what he did to her. The world doesn’t forget. And they shouldn’t forget. Physical abuse should NEVER be forgotten. If you want to hear the horrible court report about just how badly Chris Brown beat Rihanna, read it all here.

Listen to the songs below. Yes, Chris Brown says “I wanna fuck you right now. It’s been a long time & I’ve been missing your body” on Birthday Cake. On Turn Up The Music, Rihanna sings “I love you, baby”.

Listen to Rihanna’s Birthday Cake (Remix) ft Chris Brown:

Listen to Chris Brown’s Turn Up The Music (Remix) ft Rihanna:

YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

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