Deadpool 2 Release Date Announced

Finally! Deadpool 2 Release Date Announced by Fox

Deadpool 2 release date announced by Fox
Deadpool 2 release date finally announced by Fox

The Deadpool 2 release date has finally been announced. After the massive success of the R rated Deadpool back in the summer of 2016, Fox quickly announced that they were beginning production on deadpool 2. The Ryan Reynolds starring movie grossed $783 million at the worldwide box office, challenging studio insiders that a hard R rated super hero movie could become a box office smash.

Reynolds originated the film version in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, but while fans loved Reynolds, they were generally disappointed with the depiction of Deadpool. Reynolds became an advocate for keeping the character true to his long running Marvel Comics roots and spearheaded the campaign to get the Deadpool film made. It was an uphill battle to get the movie made the way it should have been, but Reynolds prevailed and the rest is box office history.

Deadpool 2 will feature the movie debuts of popular characters Cable (played by Josh Brolin) & Domino (played by Zazie beetz). Excitement has been high for the Deadpool 2 release date reveal and Fox has finally announced it: June 1, 2018. Currently no other films are set to open on that date, presumably to stay away from the domination that Deadpool 2 will likely bring. In the meantime, pick up the Deadpool (Blu-Ray) from Amazon to get yourself ready for the sequel!

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