Date Night Tops The Box Office

UPDATE: After the actual numbers were counted today, Clash Of The Titans inched by Date Night to capture its 2nd week at #1. “Titans” grossed $26.6 million to Date’s $25.2.

Well, it seems people chose Date Night for their, er, date night. Pulling in $27.1 million over the weekend, the Steve Carell / Tina Fey team up garnered positive reviews from critics and moviegoers. Coming in 2nd place in its 2nd weekend, Clash Of The Titans earned $26.9 million, a 56% drop from last week, but giving it a two week total of over $110 million in the US.

Next week will see Kick-Ass & the Death At A Funeral remake go head to head for the pole position.

Read the U.S. Top 10 after the jump.
U.S. Top 10 Friday April 9 – Sunday April 11

#1 “Date Night” $27.1 million
#2 “Clash of the Titans” $26.9 million ($110.5m)
#3 “How to Train Your Dragon” $23.4 million ($133.9m)
#4 “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too?” $11.0 million ($48.5m)
#5 “The Last Song” $10.0 million ($42.4m)
#6 “Alice in Wonderland” $5.6 million ($319.3m)
#7 “Hot Tub Time Machine” $5.4 million ($37m)
#8 “The Bounty Hunter” $4.3 million ($56m)
#9 “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” $4.1 million ($53.8m)
#10 “Letters to God” $1.3 million

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