Crazy Hypocritical Lady Says Gaga Video Is Poison

This brings the SERIOUS LOLs. Sandy Rios crazy old lady President of Culture Campaign (her own company) chimes in on Fox “News” to let us know that Lady Gaga‘s video for Telephone is porn and will cause rapes and perversions. She says, “I’m telling you the man next door who’s a sexual predator probably does watch it (porn) & it should be banned.”

And this… “Beyonce and Gaga, gay and lesbian lovers? It’s disgusting. This is just…poison for the minds of our kids. And for our minds for that matter”. It’s called a freakin’ music video, lady. Get off your Christian high horse. FYI…just to show Sandy Rios, who is against gay marriage because it “ruins the sanctity of marriage”, is divorced 🙁  Guess her husband couldn’t deal with her. Why is someone always trying to tell everyone else what they should be doing? If I want to watch this epically AMAZING music video, I will! And your Nazi-like hopes for banning it can’t stop me, or all the other PopWhores! PopWhore Power!

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2 thoughts on “Crazy Hypocritical Lady Says Gaga Video Is Poison

  1. I dont think Ive ever seen a Fox "News" segment before but I am SHOCKED at just how much opinion they put in there. You can present its themes as risquee or controversial & talk about why. Its another thing for the newscaster to actually do nothing but give their opinion & then use that opinion to bait the "expert" into being even more sensationalist.
    Megyn must have asked Sandy 5 times about Madonna, trying to get her into going on a rant about that. They should be stripped of their News Banner a theres millions of idiots that actually buy into that crap.

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