Channing Tatum Starts The D*ck Graze Salutation

Channing Tatum Starts New Way To Say Whats Up With The Dick Graze

Channing Tatum invents a new way to say hi with The Dick Graze
Channing Tatum starts The Dick Graze
Channing Tatum, everyone’s favorite heart throb, is starting a new craze and it’s taking over the nation…maybe. The dick graze is a new way to say what’s up to your boys. If I try to explain it to you, it will sound creepy. So, I’ll let Channing himself explain in this new song produced by Diplo (who makes a cameo himself) DJ Paul Devro and featuring Jillian Bell.

Watch Channing Tatum, Diplo, Paul Devro and Jillian Bell explain The Dick Graze.

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