Cat Summoned To Jury Duty

Oh poor Kitteh! Here’s the deal. Last week, Anna and Guy Esposito received a summons for their cat, Sal Esposito, to report to jury duty. The Esposito’s, living in Boston, had reported Sal as their cat, in the 2010 Census. Anna attempted to fix the issue by responding with the only choice that made sense on the disqualification of service request: “Does Not Speak English”. Sal’s request was denied. Anna told a local news station that if they can’t this worked out, they will bring Sal in for jury duty in March! LOL! LOVES THAT!

1. It’s sad that speaking English is not a requirement to serve for jury duty. 2. I wonder if Sal will have to wear a little suit? 3. SAL ESPOSITO IS A FAWKIN CAT!   

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