Bush’s Old Book Outsells Palin’s New Book

Oh Sarah Palin, you should be used to not coming in first place by now. After her failed bid for Vice Presidency, and her polling numbers showing the majority of the country does NOT want her to run for President, Sarah Palin can now add “lost to Bush” to her resume.

The New York Times Bestseller list has been released today and our former Frat Boy President George W. Bush lands in the #1 spot in its third week with his coloring book memoir, Decision Points. Palin’s pop-up book America By Heart came in second place in her first week, even after her Political Action Committee, SarahPAC, purchased $64,000 worth of the books. So Dubya’s three week old book beat Sexy Sarah’s 1 week old book, even with all the purchases by her PAC. Well, at least she still has Faux Fox News.

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