Burgon Sealy House Destroyed in Delaware Police Shootout; Pronounced Dead

Photo Credit: Matthew Netsch

The 20 plus hour standoff between suspected murderer Burgon Sealy and united Delaware police forces is finally over.

The home of Burgon Sealy Jr’s father Burgon Sealy has been utterly destroyed from a near constant back and forth between the good men and women in Blue and the suspected cop killer beginning yesterday afternoon.

The standoff came to a head at 9:17 this morning when Sealy came out of the barricaded home and “engaged police”. Police shot Sealy who was pronounced dead at 9:29am.

Police had brought in special equipment to try and make entry into the house to no avail. Thankfully, no additional bloodshed occurred from any of the hardworking Delaware police and emergency personnel.

This post will update as the story develops.

SEE: Delaware: Burgon Sealy Identified As Suspected Cop Killer 

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