Beyonce Steals YET AGAIN

We all know that Beyonce is nothing more than a decent singer, who steals credit for most everything she does. Nobody is surprised that Beyonce wasn’t sitting down with a guitar hammering out chords for “Irreplaceable” (a finished track that was written by Ne-Yo and submitted completely finished to Beyonce, but Beyonce has a writing & producing credit on it). Or when she stole “Smack Into You” & changed “Smack” into “Smash” & took a writing & producing credit on it. In fact, she insists on taking songwriting credit on every song she records – even though she has no hand in writing them. AND INSISTS ON TAKING 20% OF THE PUBLISHING PROCEEDS! We know she’s not an artist – she’s a singer. So is it REALLY a surprise that her performance at the Billboard Music Awards was someone elses as well? Not to us. In fact, the only one believing the fantasy is Beyonce & her team. Thank god for the interwebz, as we can see Beyonce clearly stole almost the entire performance of Girls (Run The World) from Italian singer Lorella Cuccarini.

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