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So I’m sure by now you’ve checked out our 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide. You can find something for everyone there! If you’ve seen our Best Holiday Gifts – Movies & TV you saw that it includes all of the best gifts to give in DVD & Blu-Ray this year. Due to the success of that, The Whore has come up with a Best Holiday Gifts – Music! We’ve got all of the years biggest and best releases that are sure to please anyone on your list. Whether it’s a stocking stuffer for your loved one or a gift for that co-worker, the gift of music is one that will keep on giving. And that is the best kind of gift.

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Best Holiday Gifts – Music

Love him or hate him, Kanye West can certainly back up much of his ego maniacal talk with the goods- his music. Remaining relatively quiet after the Taylor Swift debacle, West focused on doing what he does best: creating music. His newest release, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy features strong writing and even better production.

FOR: The mature teen, the hipster, and most pop lovers.

Robyn burst onto the scene at the height of the 00’s pop boy band phenomenon and then quietly faded away in the U.S. What once seemed like a manufactured pop tart, her more recent work showed what a skillful producer, songwriter and vocalist she truly is. She became a critical darling here and abroad with the release of her self-titled album, and broke through on the U.S. dance charts. Robyn followed up that release with 3 E.P.’s of insanely catchy hooks, powerful vocals and a determination to claim her stake as a true artist. Body Talk collects 5 of the best tracks from each of the E.P.’s and creates a cohesive collection of standout tracks.

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FOR: Pop fans, Indie lovers, Dance floor addicts.

Maroon 5 burst onto the scene in 2002 with a soulful, funky style that appealed to just about everyone. They continue their white hot streak of non-stop hits with their newest release, Hands All Over. Produced by legendary producer Mutt Lange, this is their poppiest, funkiest album yet.

FOR: Pop fans, just about anyone from little Mikey to Funky Grandma!

Bruno Mars has been writing for and singing on hits released by other artists over the last year or so. Now, it is his time to shine. With the release of his debut, Doo-Wops & Hooligans, Mars truly shines. With excellent songwriting and ridiculously catchy hooks, this one is a keeper from start to finish. The Grammys recognized the unbelievable talent of Bruno Mars by nominating him more than anyone else this year.

FOR: The cool kids, the pop fan, the R&B fan, the hopeless romantic.

This year, Katy Perry released her second album, Teenage Dream, to huge success. Lead-off single “California Gurls” was on every radio station in the country over the late summer. This follow up to her debut is loaded from front to back with hit after hit of semi-dancey pop songs. There is not one track on Teenage Dream that won’t have you singing after a play or two.

FOR: The teenage girl on your list, your inner teenage girl.

Daniel Merriweather is an unknown in the States, but released his debut album Love & War in 2009 in the UK where it debuted at #2. Released in 2010 here in the U.S., the album largely went unnoticed. A cross between Daniel Beddingfield and Justin Timberlake, Daniel Merriweather SHOULD be huge in the U.S. Unfortunately, he has yet to breakthrough. Do yourself a favor and gift this album for the true music lover. Or do one better and gift it for yourself.

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FOR: The one with SOUL; the R&B fan, people going through Justin Timberlake withdrawals.

Goldfrapp is another UK import who’s only realized limited success in the U.S. Sort of an indie Madonna, Goldfrapp released Head First, an 80’s inspired record to much critical acclaim, but little U.S. commercial success. That might change with the Grammy nod for Best Electronic Album they recently received.

FOR: Madonna fans, Indie dance music lovers.

Eminem came out of retirement (again) to release Recovery, a surprisingly powerful and cohesive album. Taking him back to the top of the charts, the record shows a more mature, focused artist who talks openly and honestly about where he is in his life. The most shocking thing here is that there is nothing particularly shocking. Em hasn’t relied on controversy or shock tactics to bring in an audience – he’s soley relied on solid music.

FOR: The hip-hop fan, the suburban gangstas.

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