Best Holiday Gifts 2010 – Movies & TV

 So you need some ideas for gifts for the 2010 Holiday? You say you want to give a good movie or tv box set? Well you can’t go wrong with the Pop Culture Whore’s first annual “Best Holiday Gifts 2010 – Movies & TV” List. The Whore would never lead you wrong – & will ALWAYS give you the best price!

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The Toy Story Trilogy could safely be called one of the best trilogies in film history. Perfect for everyone from Baby to Grandma, everyone will find something to love in these movies. This 10 disc set lovingly collects all 3 movies with a ton of extras.

FOR: Probably anyone you can think of (except for people who don’t like awesome-ness).

If you lived in a cave and don’t know about Life, well, then you don’t know about life. Life was a mini-series narrarated by Mother O Oprah and played on Discovery Channel earlier in the year. Each episode focuses on an aspect of life (mammals, birds, oceans, etc) and is beautifully shot in HD. This is something to really show off your new HDTV or Home Theater setup

FOR: Nature lovers, Home Theater lovers, Documentary fans.

Glee debuted after American Idol in 2009 and catapulted into the pop culture stratosphere from there. Irreverently funny, often touching and never one to take itself too seriously – it is a show about a high school glee club after all – Glee has become one of the MUST WATCH shows on TV today. Glee: The Complete First Season collects the entire season 1 from auditions to the regional competition. It includes a ton of extras like the documentary ‘The Power of Madonna’ as well as screen tests and more!

FOR: Comedy fans, musical lovers, Gleeks.

2010 brought lots of pop culture lovers a huge dose of sadness when Lost ended its six season run. One of the most rewarding – and frustrating – shows in television history, missing an episode would put you out of the loop completely. A tightly written, edge of your seat serial, Lost was designed with so much mystery and so many clues are hidden throughout the series, it demands repeat viewings. Lost: The Complete Collection will fulfill that need for your geeky brother to obsessively watch for any clue that could give meaning to the journey on (& off) the island.

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FOR: Geeks, Mystery fans, Thriller lovers, Intellects.

There’s a ridiculously good chance that you’ve seen Avatar. There’s a ridiculously good chance that someone you know LOVED Avatar (The Whore just found it “eh”.) There’s a ridiculously good chance that someone you know WANTS this new edition (the “old” edition came out in April), which features a mind blowing 11 minutes of new footage that don’t change the story at all and were cut out for a good reason. It includes THREE (??!!) versions of the movie. Hell, you’d be safe to buy a few of these to keep around in case someone drops in and you forgot to get them something.

FOR: Anyone with two eyes an eye.

With the penultimate Harry Potter dominating the box office, Potter-mania is in full force. So it’s the perfect time to give that Potter fan the Ultimate Edition of one (or multiple) of the Harry Potter movies. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is the latest release in the series. These Ultimate Editions are really snazzy, featuring tons of special features, two hour documentaries, a full color book, digital copy and more. These really are a treat for the Potter fan in your life. Pictured is the newest Ultimate Edition release. You can go here for Book 3, here for Book 2 and here for Book 1

FOR: Book worms, Harry Potter fans, Muggles.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol was released to theaters last holiday season and hit home video this year. A bit frightening for younger kids, the atmosphere of the film is heavy, with Jim Carey playing the stars of the classic tale. If you have children that are a bit older and can handle some particularly frightening imagery, this will be one they’ll watch year after year. That makes it a perfect gift.

FOR: Older children, families.

Modern Family hit the airwaves last year and ended up winning the Emmy for Best Comedy. It deserves it. Hysterically funny and often refreshing, Modern Family follows the lives of three, well, modern families in a documentary style series. If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re really missing out.

FOR: Comedy fans, sitcom lovers, ‘The Office’ followers.

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Golden Girls is a television classic. Following the lives of 4 women in their “golden years” who live together in a condo im Miami, Golden Girls stars the icons Betty White, Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty and Rue McClanahan. This Complete Series collection collects all 7 seasons of the show in a replica of Sofia’s purse. Celebrating the 25th year anniversary of the series, this is a must have for fans of the show.

FOR: Comedy fans, “Golden” Girls, Classic TV lovers.

The Pacific is an HBO mini-series that aired earlier in the year. Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, the mini-series shows life for a group of Marines battling in the Pacific – both on duty and off. All 10 episodes are contained as well as a wealth of bonus material, lovingly dedicated to the men in uniform. As expected from the producing team, the quality, acting and writing are top notch. This is a must have.

FOR: WW 2 historians, Action fans, War Movie lovers, veterans.

For those of you yearning for some 80’s nostalgia, the Blu-Ray release of Back To The Future Trilogy is the perfect gift. Although this series really shouldn’t need explanation, it follows Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) & Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) as they travel through time, setting off a chain of events that could alter history.

FOR: Family night, 80’s lovers, comedy fans.

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