Best Holiday Gifts 2010- Gadgets

You’ve read our other Holiday Gift Guides 2010 by now, so you know the drill. These are the gadget / technology items you should be buying for your loved ones. Some of these are on the pricier side, but well worth it. Many of these are the items you SHOULD be treating yourself too – they are that cool!

So enjoy Pop Culture Whore’s Best Holiday Gifts 2010 – Gadgets!

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Best Holiday Gifts 2010- Gadgets

There is no better gadget gift then the Apple iPad. It is The Whore’s most favorite thing EVER! The Wi-Fi + 3G version allows you to get online wherever you are. Part book reader / part tablet computer / part personal media device, the Apple iPad can do most anything you ask of it. Download or rent movies and TV shows, bring along your digital copies from your Blu-Ray discs or listen to your music. It is literally the perfect gadget. I can not remember what my life was like before this 9 inches of heaven (stop it, dirty mind) entered my world!

If you’re looking for a serious camera, you want to pick up the Canon EOS Rebel T2i. This 18 Mega Pixel camera literally allows you to shoot anything. Low light, bright light, manual or focus, this camera does it all. Canon makes some of the best pro and semi pro digital SLR’s on the market, and this one certainly leads the pack.

The Sony Playstation 3

may have been on the market for a few years now, but it’s even better than it was the day it was released. One of the best Blu-Ray players on the market, the PS3 is linked to your home internet connection, so it’s always able to get the latest updates. It also acts as a media streamer from your PC to your TV and includes programs like Netflix and a full fledged browser. We won’t even discuss the actual game playing and it’s amazing graphics.

The Apple TV may have debuted a few years ago to little fanfare, but the Apple TV 2.0 is a whole new animal. About the size of a hockey puck, this connects to your home network to stream your digital media (music, movies, etc) from your computers to your TV. You can purchase iTunes movies and TV shows via your computer for playback on the Apple TV or rent right from the box itself. If you have an Apple iPad you can use AirPlay to send the video right to your Apple TV. While the concept isn’t revolutionary, the way Steve Jobs has done it is. This is a game changer. And for $99 you can put one on every TV in the house.

If a digital SLR camera isn’t on your list of needs or wants, the Cannon SD1300IS will be right up your alley. Small enough to be tucked away in a (large) pocket, this 12 MP camera is perfect for taking with you wherever you go. Whether you’re headed to the beach or to a tropical vacation, or just to take on a night on the town or around the house, this camera has you covered.

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Know a movie buff? This 55″ Sony BRAVIA KDL55HX800 3D HDTV is certainly for you. This isn’t your mother’s 3D we’re talking about. We’re talking about the 3D you saw at the theater when you watched Avatar. This really adds a whole new, er, dimension to home video watching. More and more content (read: 3D Blu-Rays) is being released each week and there are a few 3D channels that feature 3D programming. This is certainly a heftier priced gift, but if you’re in the market for something nice for a movie buff, this is the 3D HDTV you want.

There’s no doubt that I’m an Apple fanboy Whore! I have no qualms about admitting it. I have a geeky man-crush on Steve Jobs and all that comes from his genius mind. I’ve been an Apple iPhone owner since the first one was released a few years back. The Apple iPhone 4 though, is a whole new animal. With iOS 4, it makes it the phone I always wanted it to be. Multi-tasking, long lasting battery, a beautiful display and every App I’ve ever wanted make this the perfect girlfriend  constant companion phone for me. Now if we could just do something about the AT&T exclusivity.

If you (or a loved one) could care less about web surfing and apps and watching media on the go and are simply looking for a dedicated e-Reader, the Amazon Kindle is the way to go. The newest release, the Amazon Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device is the best version yet. Download books from the massive Amazon Kindle Bookstore from anywhere in the world – without paying for the internet cost. The E-Ink screen is perfect inside or outside and it’s backed by Amazon’s amazing reputation. If you want something with a bigger screen, go with the 9.7″ Amazon Kindle DX.

(Note: does feature advertising exclusively through, but ONLY because we love the company & think you will too).

In the Fall, Apple released the closest thing we’ll get to an Apple netbook. The Apple Macbook Air MC50LL/A is an 11.6 inch, extremely lightweight laptop built for on the go computing. Less than an inch thick, this is built to be taken wherever you need to take it. It features a 5 hour battery life and a high resolution display.

If you’re in the market for a stand alone camcorder, the Flip Ultra HD Video Camera is the way to go. It holds 8 GB of 720p resolution HD video to shoot whatever you can think of (again, with the dirty mind). It’s so easy to use that you literally only need to hit two buttons: power & record. You hook it up to your computer when you’re done and edit or upload away. It’s super affordable too and in The Whore’s recommendation is the best standalone HD Video Camera out there today.

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As we delve even further into the digital age, we take more digital pictures, shoot more digital videos, purchase and download more MP3s, receive more digital copies of movies. We’re in constant need of more digital space. The solution? An external hard drive. While these were once very pricey, as the demand becomes higher the price can come down as it becomes cheaper to manufacture more. My personal favorite is the Western Digital My Passport Essential 1TB Portable Hard Drive. It takes USB 2.0 & USB 3.0 and its portable enough that you could take it with you if you’re working with a laptop. I have three of these and rotate them out so I have three copies of all of my essential digital media collections. I’m THAT paranoid about losing my digital life.

The iPod has come to redefine music as we know it. Others have tried and failed (hello, Zune), but there is only one iPod. Well, actually there’s a whole family of iPods but you know what I mean. The refreshed iPod touches were released this year to much fanfare. The storage capacity didn’t get any bigger, but it did add an HD camera and iOS4. The Apple iPod touch 64GB is the way to go for anyone that wants an iPod touch and has a decent sized music collection. The Whore uses an iPod Classic 160GB for his ridiculously large music collection. Love or hate Apple, they dominate the MP3 player market to the point that iPod accessories have become an industry in itself.

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