Best Buy Apple iPhone Pre-Ordering Info

Fellow Apple Whores! Tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for since the iPad came out! Tomorrow, Tuesday June 15 is the day Apple will allow pre-orders for the iPhone 4. You will be able to pre-order your shiny new iPhone at Apple stores, Apple online, AT&T stores, AT&T online, Best Buy & Radio Shack (they’re still in business?) Walmart will also sell the phone but have yet to announce any pre-ordering details. Best Buy stores will begin pre-ordering when the store opens. You will pay a $50 deposit and will be guaranteed a shiny new iPhone on release day. In return, you get a $50 Gift Card that you use towards the purchase of the phone. You will then pay the remaining balance  The other stores will most likely charge you the full price of the phone as an authorization, and then withdraw the funds the day of shipment.

The Whore will be pre-ordering bright and early tomorrow morning at Best Buy so he can use his Reward Zone card! Happy ordering Apple Whores!

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