Beavis & Butthead Returning To TV?

The interwebs is ablaze with very strong rumors that Beavis and Butthead is set to return to the small screen. Creator Mike Judge has been finishing up a full 30 episodes already with plans to return the show to MTV. Of course, MTV would have to cease playing non-music related reality shows for a half hour for that to happen. So chances may not be too good.

Even better news for B&B fans is that Judge is keeping the look and feel of the show ENTIRELY the same as it was when it debuted. Same color palette, same story layout, same everything. The only difference would be that, obviously, these are new episodes with new storylines and new music videos.

The Whore thinks Beavis and Butthead should make their triumphant return to television where they belong – Adult Swim on Cartoon Network! LOVES it!

What do YOU think about this news? Is this a show that should stay in your 90s nostalgia box or is it time for a renaissance?  Tell us in the comments!

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