Batman related show ‘Gotham’ Gets Jada Pinkett Smith

Fox’s Batman related show ‘Gotham’ Gets Jada Pinkett Smith as Villain

New Fox Batman TV series 'Gotham' casts Jada Pinkett Smith as a villain.
The new Batman show Gotham on Fox Gets Jada Pinkett Smith

The Batman related show Gotham, set to premiere on Fox, has picked up a villain. Jada Pinkett Smith will play “Fish Mooney”, a “sadistic gangster boss and night club owner with almost extra-sensory abilities to read people like an open book“.

Gotham is essentially a Batman show before Batman existed in Gotham City. Fox chairman Kevin Reilly said the show has the rights to all of the classic Batman characters including Batman himself, The Joker, The Riddler, Catwoman, The Penguin and more. Reilly said “It follows the arc of how they all became what they were. We’re not starting in that world where the villains are in costume. You see markers for it that are delicious. You see the evolution and the eccentricity where they become those characters. We don’t start off with capes and costumes“.  The show will focus on Commissioner Gordon and the crime filled city of Gotham City. Essentially, Gotham is a prequel to Batman, leading up to the first time he puts on the cape and cowl.

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