Avatar To Be Released 3 Times On DVD

Oh James Cameron / Fox & your money making ways! It has been announced that Avatar, the super blockbuster 3D hit, will be released as a bare bones DVD on Earth Day, April 22. It will contain absolutely zero special features, trailers, interviews, etc. In November, just in time for holiday shopping, “Avatar: Ultimate Edition” will be released on DVD loaded with special features. In the Spring of 2011, Fox will release the 3D version. The official explanation for releasing a bare bones DVD is that they want to milk fanboys for everything they’ve got preserve the space on the DVD for the utmost picture and sound quality that a DVD can handle. So I guess what they’re saying is that the “Ultimate Edition” with all the special features will look like crap! Thanks Fox, you’ve made my decision easy! I’ll wait for the 3D edition next year! No mention of the Blu-Ray yet 🙁

Will YOU be buying Avatar on DVD   once   twice   three times?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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