Apple TV Hits High; Google TV Pulled

Well this is interesting news. It was revealed that Google would be pulling their Google TV software from the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Google has asked their hardware partners to hold off on displaying any technology with Google TV until a “revamp” of the software is ready. It has been a rough road for the Google TV. The set top boxes were priced at $299 and were supposed to give access to any free television show available on the net – including broadcasters own websites. Reality is that it’s a $299 search engine for your TV. Almost every major broadcaster denied Google access to its online programming, making it almost worthless.

Meanwhile, Apple today announced that it’s newly revamped Apple TV will sell its 1 millionth unit by the end of the week. Priced at $99, the set top box is hockey puck sized and allows users to stream their digital copies and videos from their computers. It also allows users to rent movies and TV shows from iTunes. Apple stated that they are selling 400,000 TV Show rentals and 150,000 movies per day.

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