Apple Pushing To Slash TV Show Prices To .99 Cents

Steve Jobs (Jobs-y as we call him around here), is determined to make the iPad as successful as he made both the iPod and the iPhone. One of the keys to creating such a revolution was not only the hardware itself, but the accompanying software that came with it – iTunes for the iPod and the App Store for the iPhone. As is proven over & over, content is key & Jobs-y is adamant in keeping prices low on TV shows for the iPad – .99 cents low.  The only problem is, the networks don’t agree. While CBS has stepped up to allow some of their television shows to be slashed to .99 cents, the other networks are dragging their feet. Many TV executives feel that pricing at that level devalues their content. The Whore knows that he will be buying MORE content at .99 cents then he would at $1.99. What about you?

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