Apple Announces Apple Watch

Apple announces Apple Watch Wearable Computer Device

Apple announces the Apple Watch in 3 different models and two sizes
Apple announces Apple Watch wearable computer device

After years of speculation, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage in Cupertino, California today to announce Apple’s first wearable device. Called Apple Watch, Cook stated that it’s “the most personal device we’ve ever made. We love to make technology more personal and allow our users to do things they never imagined.

The Apple Watch includes a sapphire display (the hardest clear element besides diamond), four health sensors, NFC for Apple Pay, simple and elegant notifications from apps, can respond to calls, messages and emails, and uses Siri – among many, many other functions.  It’s a seamless extension of your iPhone and a powerful new device all in one.

There will be three models of Apple Watch: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. There are a large amount of customizable bands that compliment every style imaginable.

Apple Watch will be available in early 2015 in two different sizes with prices starting at $349.

Watch the beautiful video for Apple Watch.

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