American Idol Top 9 (Again) Live Twitter Review

Last night marked Elvis night for American Idol’s Top 8 9. The perfect mentor for such a grandstanding night? Adam Lambert! Glambert did everything right, as the first Idol to ever come back to mentor contestants. Elvis was all about the performance and Adam knows how to give a performance. Read our live twitter review from last night’s show after the jump!
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 – #CaseyJames w/ LAWDY MS CLAUDIE. Ok i give up Im in love w/ Blondilocks. Hes won me over! Hes a true artist! Hes what this is about

  1. about 11 hours ago via Echofon

  2. #Idol – #KateyStevens w/ BABY WHAT DO U WANT ME TO DO. I lookat her & see a 12 year old little girl. Its annoying. Great vocals thoabout 11 hours ago via Echofon

  3. #Idol – #MichaelLynch w/ IN THE GHETTO. GREAT song choice. Wow hes killing this. Absolutely FIYAH!!about 11 hours ago via Echofon

  4. #Idol – I fawkin LOVED #SiobhanMagnus even more then I normally do. Judges give her mixd messages do the big singing dont do the big singinabout 11 hours ago via Echofon

  5. #Idol – #SiobahnMagnus & Glambert!!! A match made in heaven! & shes doing SUSPICIOUS MINDS. My favorite #Elvis song!about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  6. #Idol – #AaronKelly w/ BLUE SUEDE SHOES. An upbeat song! Im floored! This was actually really really great. 1st 1 ive liked from himabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  7. #Idol – HATE the slowed down arrangement on this. Lee actually was in tune & had nice strong vocals tonight tho. #LeeDewyze#AmericanIdolabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  8. #Idol – #LeeDewyze w/ LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION. This will probably be all out of tune & pitchy like usual. & as usual the judges will luv itabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  9. #Idol – #TimUrban w/ CANT HELP FALLIN IN LOVE. Great song choice for him. I actually LOVED this! Very raw & emotional & heartful. HIS BEST!about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  10. #Idol – #AndrewGarcia w/ HOUND DOG. NOT a fan of the arrangement. 2 slow for my tastes. His voice is good tonight tho. Performance just ehabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  11. #Idol – Of course the judges loved it. Bowerlocks could throw up on stage & it would be the most amazing thing ever. #CrystalBowersoxabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  12. #Idol – #CrystalBowersox w/ SAVED is up first. Shes always really strong & this was different for. More upbeat & fun. Really really gr8about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  13. Ok loves! Its the #AmericanIdol live twitter review! Its the Top 9 with#Elvis night & @AdamLambert is the mentor.

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