American Idol Top 12 Live Twitter Review

Read our live tweet review from American Idol‘s Top 12. It was Rolling Stones night & what a night it was!

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  1. #Idol – Told ya! Crystal CANT ALWAYS GET WUT U WANT. Heres the thing great vocals but EVERY week its the same thing over & over. BORING!!about 11 hours ago via Echofon

  2. #Idol – Guarantee #CrystalBowersox does a midtempo song standing there with a guitar. #AmericanIdolabout 11 hours ago via Echofon

  3. #Idol – #CrystalBowersox package is EXACTLY what I thought itd be. Hippie rocker father drivin her 2 gigs. Shes so predictable!about 11 hours ago via Echofon

  4. #Idol – Aaron doing ANGIE i didnt really feel any connection. It was ok decent vocals but i really wasnt loving it. The judges lovin it 🙁about 11 hours ago via Echofon

  5. #Idol – #AaronKelly aka Lil Clay Aiken. His package was a nice lil cutesy look into his life. Its all too shmaltzy for me. #AmericanIdolabout 11 hours ago via Echofon

  6. #Idol – Paige HONKYTONK WOMAN great song. Shes doing really great. Loving the choruses. Shes got an AMAZING voice!#AmericanIdolabout 11 hours ago via Echofon

  7. #Idol – #PaigeMiles package was emotional. A nice look into her life. What a good package SHOULD b. #AmericanIdolabout 11 hours ago via Echofon

  8. #Idol – Lee w BEAST OF BURDEN another classic. He actually sounds great 2nite. 1st time hes actually on pitch the entire song. Im impressedabout 11 hours ago via Echofon

  9. #Idol – #LeeDewyze just grates on my nerves. 4 some1 that sucks so bad hes WAAAY 2 cocky. His package just proved that.Take it down a notchabout 11 hours ago via Echofon

  10. #Idol – Siobhan doing PAINT IT BLACK a classic. Begining 2 slow. When band kicked in she rocked! 2nd 1/2 was AMAZING! Like WHAAAAAT? W00t!about 11 hours ago via Echofon

  11. #Idol – #SiobahnMagnus & her package r so weird. Everything about her is just weird. Theres something about her i dig tho.#AmericanIdolabout 11 hours ago via Echofon

  12. #Idol – After Randy & Ellen, Kara said i c what the guys r saying? Thats strange bc im pretty sure Ellen has a vahjayjay.about 11 hours ago via Echofon

  13. #Idol – Tim doing UNDER MY THUMB not a fan of this song & its boring watching this. I really like him but this did nothing 4 him. Blah!about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  14. #Idol – #TimUrban package was weird. He was his sisters doll? Strange. #AmericanIdolabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  15. #Idol – PS #KatieStevens & other contestants stop holding up ur fingers & mouthing PLEASE CALL. We know youre # we dont need beggingabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  16. #Idol – Katie doing WILD HORSES 1 of my fave songs EVER! This was her best performance. Really really great im impressed! She KO’d it!about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  17. #Idol – #KatieStevens STILL looks like a 12 yr old Her package was SO boring. I luv her gmom they had 2 get a shot in ther of her 4 sympathyabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  18. #Idol – Totally felt Kara saying there was no connection with the song. Its a big emotional rocker & he wasnt clicking with it#AndrewGarciaabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  19. #Idol – Andrew doing GIMME SHELTER 1 of my fav songs By Stones! Im waiting 4 him 2 do something mindblowing. This wasnt it. It was bad.about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  20. #Idol – #AndrewGarcia is up next. His package is awesome! LUVS his dad even tho hes always crying :*( his mother looks miserableabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  21. #Idol – Loved Ellens point about sitting. She stood during slow part sat down when it picked up. Booooring. #LaceyBrown#AmericanIdolabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  22. #Idol – Lacey doin RUBY TUESDAY classic song! This is as boring as her package. Picked up 1/2 way thru I like her but wasnt blown away 2niteabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  23. #Idol – Lacey Kate Minus 8 is up next. Her package is something about church- booooring! Then her dad talkin about church. ZZZZ.#LaceyBrownabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  24. #Idol – Casey doing ITS ALL OVER NOW not a fan of this song. Kinda boring but I luv his voice I luv his playing. The tone of his voice is A+about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  25. #Idol – Casey is up next. I loved the package w the heartstrings being pulled. Effectiveabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  26. #Idol – Didi doing PLAYING WITH FIRE i love the quirkiness of her voice. Really really loved it. Shes so awesome! Good dark choice 4 her.about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  27. #Idol – #DidiBenami is up next. Her mom wont b in audience cuz of criticism from judges. Whats she gonna do if she takes off?about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  28. #Idol – Yes! Simon tells it like it is. Mikes moves were corny like a 90 year old man. Loved the ryan / Simom lovers quarrel.#AmericanIdolabout 12 hours ago via Echofon

  29. #Idol -Big Mike doing MISS YOU & I LUV that song. He did a decent job not in love with it. It was ok. The judges r fawning over it. Blah!about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  30. #Idol – #RollingStones night! Here we go!about 12 hours ago via Echofon

  31. #Idol livetweet- Oooh were on the big stage tonight! Who was that announcer? Never heard that before! I though top 12 gets makeovers?

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