American Idol Top 11 Live Twitter Review

The Idol’s took on Billboard Hot 100 #1 songs!
Our live tweet review of the American Idol Top 11 after the jump!

  1. Team Siobahn! AM Mar 24th via Facebook

  2. #Idol – #SiobahnMagnus w SUPERSTITION. Shes by far the best vocalist. Tonight was funky & fun! ANOTHER TKO 4 Siobahn! WOWZERS!!12:07 AM Mar 24th via Echofon

  3. #Idol – #SiobahnMagnus is SOOOO FAWKIN WEIRD! i think#MileyCyrus was scared.12:05 AM Mar 24th via Echofon

  4. #Idol – The judges werent feelin #DidiBenami tonight but The Whore LOOOVED IT! Sassy sexy & sultry! Meooow!12:03 AM Mar 24th via Echofon

  5. #Idol – #DidiBenami w YOUR NO GOOD. Good choice 4 her. I LOVE the tone of her voice. I liked the sass in her performance 2nite. Go Didi!12:00 AM Mar 24th via Echofon

  6. #Idol – #CaseyJames w POWER OF LOVE! AMAZING song choice 4 him! This sound is where he belongs! Best of the night so far! W000t!11:55 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  7. #Idol – #CaseyJames meets #MileyCyrus & says hes a fan of her dads! LMAO! I luv u blondielocks! U just made my life!#AmericanIdol11:53 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  8. #Idol – #KatieStevens doing BIG GIRLS DONT CRY. I think its the wrong song 4 her. Shes not connected with it. & shes not a big girl yet 🙁11:48 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  9. #Idol – #KatieStevens & #MileyCyrus r the same age. Miley looks 40 & Katie looks 8.11:46 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  10. #Idol – #AndrewGarcia was so weird 2nite. #MileyCyrus looked bored watching him. Kara had it right. Hes chasing STR8 UP & its messin w him11:44 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  11. #Idol – #AndrewGarcia doing HEARD IT THRU THE GRAPEVINE. Was really expecting big things but am left disappointed. Hes talkin thru it. Weird11:40 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  12. #Idol – The judges arent loving #MichaelLynch tonight as much as I did. Maybe theyre not hearing something I am.11:37 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  13. #Idol – #MichaelLynch w WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN. He is fawkin KILLIN IT! THIS is what #AmericanIdol is about! That was amazing!11:35 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  14. #Idol – #MichaelLynch said #MileyCyrus is off the chain & she has kind eyes. #MileyCyrus says she loves him. Miley loves big chocolate11:33 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  15. #Idol – #CrystalBowersox wants u 2 vote 4 her & her magic carpet!11:31 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  16. #Idol – I admit that #CrystalBowersox really rocked it out tonight. However this isnt Coffee House Idol! Shes got 2 drop the cockiness 2.11:30 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  17. #Idol – #CrystalBowersox w ME & BOBBY MCGEE im shocked (rolls eyes) Shes SO predictable. Next stop Lilith Fair!11:25 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  18. #Idol – Oh & lets face it Lil Clay Aiken aka #AaronKelly doesnt have a crush on Miley no matter what he says. Mayb her boyfriend tho.11:21 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  19. #Idol – #AaronKelly w DONT WANNA MISS A THING. Really strong vocals & a perfect choice 4 his voice. Hes so boring though. ZZZZZZ11:20 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  20. #Idol – & Kara i luv u but u tell them 2 b confident then tell#TimUrban hes actin like hes made it & has sold millions as if its bad?11:18 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  21. #Idol – The judges werent feelin #TimUrban & were comparing him 2 High School Musical. They do realize how huge that was right?11:15 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  22. #Idol – #TimUrban really worked the stage. The vocals r decent but he worked the crowd which is more important. Really showed another side11:13 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  23. #Idol – #TimUrban w CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE.#MileyCyrus tells him hes not boring lol & he rocks! O shes just being Miley11:11 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  24. #Idol – #PaigeMiles looks like shes going 2 cry. I feel really bad as shes really good with the right song. She may go home with this.11:09 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  25. #Idol – #PaigeMiles singing #AGAINST ALL ODDS. Eww the start is really bad. Its better when the song goes higher. Still not gr8 at all 🙁11:06 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  26. #Idol – #PaigeMiles is up. #MileyCyrus talks like a 60 year old singer. She is adding nothing11:04 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  27. #Idol – The judges loved #LeeDewyze except Simon who as always is telling it like it is! He sounded like he was beung stabbed.#AmericanIdol11:01 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  28. #Idol – #LeeDewyze is up first with THE LETTER. I think hes WAAAY out of his league. That wa a mess he sounds like hes dying.10:58 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  29. #Idol – #MileyCyrus says shes judgin them & they need 2 b less nervous on stage, like her. Maybe if they gave the idols a pole, like her?10:57 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  30. #Idol – switch in theme from Teen Idols to #Billboard Number 1s.#MileyCyrus is the mentor. It was a surprise. I think theyre floored lol10:54 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  31. #idol – theres the crazy announcer again. Where the fawk did he come from? #AmericanIdol #tv10:49 PM Mar 23rd via Echofon

  32. Here we go everyone time for our live tweet of #AmericanIdol !

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