‘American Idol’ Guys Live Tweet Review

  1. Did you watch American Idol last night and see the guys perform? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Read our review as we live tweeted last night.

     review- Lee Dewyze sounded EXACTLY like Hinder but he sounds better when he copies the artist instead of himself. Weird #AmericanIdol
    about 10 hours ago via Echofon

    #Idol review- Tim Urban i REALLY want 2 like him & tonight WAS better then last week but it just wasnt amazing…yet #AmericanIdol about 10 hours ago via Echofon

    #Idol review- Aaron aka Lil Clay Aiken. Good voice but booooring. I felt like he was in some sort of concert at the mall. Boo!#AmericanIdol
    about 10 hours ago via Echofon

    #Idol review- Andrew Garcia i love him but i was really disappointed 2nite. Wrong song choice for him. I xpect him 2 wow me#AmericanIdol

    #Idol review- Todrick just sucks.Ur not a songwriter or producer stop trying 2 make iconic songs unrecognizable. U suck bad!#AmericanIdol
     review- Jermaine I really like & think he can wow us he just hasnt yet. I hope he gets another chance so he can do so#AmericanIdol

    #Idol review – Oh yeah, Im starting to be OK with Alexs mullet too!#AmericanIdol about 11 hours ago via Echofon

    #Idol review- Alex Lambert is really awesome! I LOVEEEED IT! love his voice! He was more comfortable 2nite. He was amaaaazing!#AmericanIdol
    about 11 hours ago via Echofon

    #Idol review- Casey Blondielocks did “I Dont Wanna Be”. 1 of my fav songs. Loved Blondielocks vocals & guitar! LOVES IT #AmericanIdol
    about 11 hours ago via Echofon

    #Idol review- John Park sang @johncmayer Gravity. It sounded like he was a good hotel singer & thats not good. Bye bye John#AmericanIdol

    #Idol reviews – Big Mike Lynch sings “Mans World” amazing vocals. I just wonder how someone so fat is a personal trainer?

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One thought on “‘American Idol’ Guys Live Tweet Review

  1. Blondilocks is so good looking that I get distracted. I don't even know what he sounded like, lol. I was captivated by his gleaming smile and insanely hot guitar playing.

    Enough with the KaraCougar stuff, though. Clearly he's uncomfortable with it and frankly the audience is too.

    Also, I love Mullet. He has a looooovely voice.

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