American Horror Story: Carnival For Season 4?

American Horror Story: Carnival For Season 4?

American Horror Story: Carnival for Season 4? Circus?
American Horror Story: Circus for Season 4?
UPDATE: The fourth season is titled American Horror Story: Freak Show!

Is the fourth season of the FX smash hit American Horror Story going to be called Carnival (or Circus)? Writer Douglas Petrie basically confirmed that Season 4 will take place with a carnival theme. During the Nerdist Writers Panel Podcast he was straight out asked if the speculation was correct. Petried responded “Very roughly, that’s the idea“. 

Creator Ryan Murphy had previously stated that American Horror Story Season 4 will take place in the 1950’s and will be Jessica Lange’s last (BOOOO!). The season finale of the anthology shows third season, American Horror Story: Coven hit a record ratings for the show.

American Horror Story: Carnival will debut on FX in October.

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41 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Carnival For Season 4?

  1. The both deserve a high five and spit on the cops. There have been muggings all year long and they're concerned with "a white male with brown hair and a white female with blonde hair, both wearing green" on St. Pattie's day. smh

  2. so is your concern with the fact that the police are targeting a young white couple engaging in sexual intercourse where there were children and families just trying to enjoy their day just feet away (which is against the law, not to mention crude and in poor taste), or that the police are lax against muggings in the city? and by the way, if you choose to abbreviate, it's St. Paddy's day. you can have a seat.

  3. the article does not call her a whore. "The Whore" refers to "Pop Culture Whore", or the writer of the piece. please, please try to understand syntax.

  4. I think you misunderstood. The website is and I am The Whore. As in, I am the (Pop Culture) Whore. I never referred to her as a whore even once. They're both equally at fault.

  5. I've got mixed feelings. Yes, they had sex in public, but do we really need to spend time and resources tracking them down? Isn't the public shaming enough? Are we going to ruin their lives over this?

  6. Yes and no. No, because it wouldn't be wise to spend tax payer dollars to find two people that committed a crime that really isn't THAT big of a deal. However, law enforcement may want to make an example out of this couple. If you have intercourse in public, you're going to be arrested and be entered in the state's sex offender database.

  7. crime is crime. who is to say that taxpayer dollars are not equally spent on police tracking down more serious offenders? perhaps they don't get as much media coverage as the stories aren't as "juicy", but that doesn't necessarily correlate with the amount of law enforcement in place for such crimes.

  8. I think that we are all framing the issue in a very upper middle class sort if way. imagine if this were a black couple arrested in a drug ridden urban neighborhood. chances are you may look at police intervention differently. the fact of the matter is that these people committed a crime. you commit a crime and you get caught, you suffer the consequences. I'm having a hard time understanding why this should be any different for joe and jane college.

    oh wait…let us now bow our heads to the white patriarchy for shaping our minds and guiding our lives…o_O

  9. "Crime is crime" is a false equivalency. That is why we have fines versus misdemeanors versus felonies. Violent assault and/or robbery is not the same thing as a drunk college couple banging behind some dumpsters on a holiday for people to get drunk.

    And if you're a parent bringing your child to Newark for St. Paddy's day you're just as guilty of a crime as far as I'm concerned. As a UD alumni this is not very surprising. Why would your bring your child to a college town with a party reputation like Newark/UD's? If you don't know better than to bring your kid to a college party town on a holiday for people to get drunk then you shouldn't have had kids.

  10. …so you're telling me that college students who decide to make poor choices are to dictate the overarching culture of a city for which ultimately they are not tax paying residents of? that, between the months of august and may people who are not students are just supposed to stay indoors for the fear of flagrantly drunk and disorderly young fools roaming the streets at all hours and days of the week? because last i checked, there is a lot more to newark than the university. and if the city is going to hold events in its city center that is open to the public and is intended for families to attend, who is to say they aren't allowed? i could understand your point if maybe this were late at night, but this was on a sunday in the early afternoon. quite frankly, as a UD alumni (and current graduate student) this is appalling to me.

    i'll agree with you that there are levels of crime for a reason. but crime, nonetheless, is still crime. if you break a law, it's still breaking the law. if you get caught breaking the law, you still have suffer whatever consequences are in the rule books. laws exist to keep order. i would consider not having intercourse in public to fall under the scope of trying to keep order. why is this such a difficult concept to comprehend.

  11. Because if you pee in public you get put on the sex offenders registry and this is 1000 times worse so what is the difference?

  12. I went to undergrad in a small southern town that lived and died by the college. But more townspeople came out to football games on Saturdays than college kids. The townspeople were the ones in restaurants on Friday nights giving me tips so I could go get drunk and rowdy.

    This whole "blame the townspeople" mentality is very strange to me… They have done nothing wrong and ultimately this was blown out of proportion by the STUDENTS who made it viral for the cops and the university to find.

  13. As a Newark native as well as UD alumna, I overall agree with Alex. I get kids making mistakes when young, stupid, and drunk. I've had plenty of intoxicated mistakes around Main St.

    In that case, their privacy could be better protected by not having sex in public. My family's house is literally three blocks from this video site. Our community is both family-friendly and aware of our rights in our own town. Try pulling that "don't bring children into a college town" comment to my face. Want to fuck in public three doors down from a church on a Sunday? Great. I'd also like to punch you in the face, but I show restraint.

    I know it's hard to believe sometimes, but the police are capable of putting a little time into tracking down obscene dumbasses while fighting the rampant violent crimes also instigated by alcohol.

  14. Bitch, go home. Know how many blowjobs I've gotten in public around UD? I needed it so shut up and get a life.

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