Allison Iraheta’s ‘Just Like You’ Review

Allison Iraheta burst into the national consciousness after taking 4th place on Season 8 of American Idol. From there she toured with the Idol cast and then went straight to the recording studio to record this debut. A top notch team of industry hit makers was compiled for the debut. “Just Like You” is a very solid album with a ton of contenders for single releases. Iraheta already has a head start there as many of her counter parts have two or three great singles and then 10 filler tracks. While many reviews have compared Iraheta to the likes of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, Iraheta is in a completely different category. Too smart and too talented to be boxed in, this isn’t a girl who’s been manufactured into a recording artist, this is a girl who IS an artist. Amazing vocals, killer personality and with top notch songs, “Just Like You” is a debut album that shows promise of a long term career artist.

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1. Friday I’ll Be Over You – A super catchy, pure pop confection. This was the lead single off of the album. This should have been a huge hit of  “Since U Been Gone” proportions. This song, produced by super producer Max Martin, is, simply put, young & fun. Instantly catchy and highly addictive.

2. Robot Love – A very strong song with a driving bass line and clap-able beat. This hits on the theme of being ignored by her love interest for gadgets and technology.

3. Just Like You – Another Max Martin track, this one isn’t as catchy as most of his work and is, surprisingly, just a good filler track. Like the entire album, Iraheta’s vocals are amazing.

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4. Don’t Waste The Pretty – The third single, “Don’t Waste…” is is a self empowerment, girls unite style song. A call to attention to not stand for abuse, this deserves to be on the radio instead of brainless tracks like “Rude Boy”. Very catchy chorus and the single version includes Aussie rocker Orianthi.

5. Scars – The second single from the record, Scars is a Pink-esque song of self reflection and flaws revealed. Bluesy and midtempo, this is one of the best songs on the record.

6. Pieces – This really shows off the range in Iraheta’s incredible voice. The song tackles the emotion of wanting to love someone but wanting some space. Very great rock-y track.

7. D Is For Dangerous – This is a really slinky, sexy song. Every part of this song is catchy from the synths to the chorus that makes you want to sing out loud to the almost spoken verses.

8. Holiday – This track is a cover the Dilana song.  A stomping gritty rock song. This was a perfect fit for Allison.

9. Still Breathing – This deserves to be a radio smash. This is the song you want to turn up and speed faster as you’re trying to get over the break up of your lover. THIS is the song that you’d be throwing your fist in the air when it’s played live. Amazing track.

10. Trouble Is – Another Pink-esque song that shows the pure unbridled instrument that is Iraheta’s voice. Another great track.

11. No One Else – Written by Pink and Kara Dioguardi, this is another song that should be dominating the airwaves. A love song about the one you love accepting you, flaws & all, No One Else could be the breakthrough that Iraheta’s been waiting for.

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12. Beat Me Up – Written and produced by Kevin Rudolph, this is exactly what you would expect if you imagined Rudolph pairing up with Iraheta: Pure delight. This is a stomp on the ground, arms in the air, jump up and down delight.

13. You Don’t Know Me – Another great sing along song, the title speaks for itself. A great way to close the album.

A very solid debut from a very solid artist. I hope Iraheta breaks through soon as there is so much talent here its unbelievable. Radio programmers need to give this one a listen. Once they do – they’ll fall in love with the smart, sassy, young rocker and her smart, sassy debut cd. This is a must buy.

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