‘Alice’ Takes Box Office Crown For 3rd Week

This is absolutely mad! (sorry) Alice In Wonderland has taken the top box office crown for the third straight week in a row. The 3D Disney feature took in an additional $34.5 million, putting its U.S. total at $266 million. There’s just no stopping it. Next week’s How To Train Your Dragon 3D has a strong shot at kicking it from the pole position. Read the Top 10 after the jump.

Weekend Estimates March 19 – March 23 2010

#1 “Alice in Wonderland” $34.5 million ($265.8 million)
#2 “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” $21.8 million
#3 “The Bounty Hunter” $21.0 million
#4 “Repo Men” $6.2 million
#5 “Green Zone” $6.0 million ($24.7 million)
#6 “She’s Out of My League” $5.9 million ($20.0 million)
#7 “Shutter Island” $4.8 million ($115.8 million)
#8 “Avatar” $4.0 million ($736.9 million)
#9 “Our Family Wedding” $3.8 million ($13.7 million)
#10 “Remember Me” $3.3 million ($13.9 million)

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