Alice In Wonderland Will Debut Huge!

Wow! Early numbers are in & it looks like Alice In Wonderland will be HUGE! As in, could be over $100 million in it’s first weekend, huge! Alice brought in over $41 million on Friday, to mark the 7th biggest Friday opening in history! This will give Tim Burton the biggest opening weekend of his entire career, beating the $68.5 million Planet Of The Apes took in it’s first weekend. These numbers are also on track to beat Avatar’s opening weekend numbers. Yowza!

The Whore has been waiting to see this since forever! What do you think about these numbers?

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One thought on “Alice In Wonderland Will Debut Huge!

  1. I think people walked into that theater with very high expectations, as I did. I think the numbers have to do with people expecting so much of the movie. I ended up being disappointed, but if Tim Burton's doing well, that's fine with me. He's brilliant.

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